Mothers Ministry

Welcome to my Mothers Ministry resource page. I’ve been prayerfully seeking God’s guidance in leading a small group ministry for mothers of all ages at my church in Raleigh, NC. I created this as a way to consolidate some of the things I’ve been talking about and sharing on social media over the last few years.

Bloggers & Posts

Here are some other posts and resources from other bloggers I follow who have helped contribute to the mission of seeing this Mothers Ministry take root — whether they know it or not!

Idea & Resource lists

I recently wrote about the wonder that is Amazon Idea Lists. Below are some of my favorite lists for mothers and their little ones:

ABCs Resources

One of my favorite things to teach my small children is the alphabet. Reading, words, letters, etc — they’re everywhere all the time, and you can’t start too early! There are tons of great resources out there, but these below have been particularly useful tools. (I am not a brand rep or affiliate for these companies, I just really love their mission and their products.)

  • Elora Inspired This gal has tons of awesome shirts and supplies, but my current favorite is the ABCs of Scripture silicone placemat. It cleans easily, comes in a bunch of colors, and works as a wipe off with a dry erase marker. Helps with teaching letters AND God’s attributes; what’s not to love?
  • Crew & Co. Beautiful hand-lettered Scripture memorization cards, but my current favorites are the Advent Cards which go along with the Jesus Storybook Bible, and the 30 Days of Thankfulness Card set.
  • Tiny Theologians I love the idea of teaching sound theology even to tiny people, and not watering down God’s message. These ABC cards come in several themes: Theology, Names of God, or Attributes of God. There’s also a variety of other sets for Advent, Mothers/Fathers of the faith, and so much more — I want them all.


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