Y’ALL — Amazon is life. Listen, I know I talk about it a lot, and in a dream world my love of Amazon would become your love of Amazon and thus earn me a few pennies every month (full Disclosures page here), but really: Amazon is so convenient. How did I live without it? I have tons of wishlists and shopping lists and gift idea lists, but I recently discovered Amazon Idea Lists! It is now possible for me to share all the wonderful things I want with you without having to share a bunch of links at once. Game. Changing.

Amazon Idea Lists

The other great thing about idea lists is that the items stay on there for the future: if you want to buy something you just click it and add it to your list or your own wish lists/idea lists. It’s not like a standard wishlist (which I could make public if I wanted to share it) where the items no longer remain on there once they are purchased; this is meant to be shared so that others can see recommendations and do what they want with them.

Honestly the ONLY thing I don’t like about these idea lists is that (unlike a wishlist) I can’t add items that aren’t available on Amazon to them. I’ll have to find another way to share those items, perhaps there will be a future post for that! Any purchases made from idea lists aren’t affiliate links, so if that part weirds you out, you’re good to go here.

So here’s what I’ve got so far in my idea lists:


This was my first list, and it’s still my favorite. It’s a place you can find all kinds of fun books, tools, devotionals, Bibles, anything related to children, church, faith, Scripture for kids. Some of these I have, some I want to buy, ALL are exciting!


The title that started it all, and the driving force behind this blog: tools for encouraging, equipping, shepherding, building mothers along this journey we’re on together. Books, tools, devotionals, studies: you name it.


A list for the breastfeeding or pumping mama. No formula shaming here, just things that helped me make the task of breastfeeding my kids easier. In this list you’ll find books, clothes, pump parts, creams, pillows, and other useful tools. Most of them I’ve talked about before!


As my oldest enters the early reading phase, I’m fascinated with teaching again. Did I ever tell you I’m a teacher by trade? It’s been several years since I’ve been in the classroom, but I hope one day to have one in our home, Lord willing. This list is where you’ll find all the tools and tricks I’m reading up on for teaching kids both in and outside the home.

I’m working on a few other lists, because who doesn’t love to dream shop!? These are my favorites right now, though, so take a look and let me know what you think! You can view my public Amazon profile with all of my lists here.