One of my goals for 2019 for this blog was to post more regular content and utilize social media in a beneficial way to engage with my followers and potential followers. In the age of the Internet and the accompanying social media darkness (that comparison that sucks us in yet isolates us from the real world), I want to be a safe place, a light in the dark for other moms who are seeking meaningful community.

Ultimately, I believe we are called to be deeply rooted in relational community, IN PERSON, but we can use our online presence to help further that — or provide inspiration for others to go out and build their village.

One way I’m hoping to do this is to have a more regular, planned presence on social media. I’ve found an app that helps me schedule reminders and plan ahead on Instagram, and I’ve started using Facebook’s scheduled posts feature. This helps me spend better, more intentional time on my social media pages, but doesn’t require me to feel drained, forgetful, or unprepared when it’s time to post something. And in general, that helps me be more productive…what’s not to love!?

As much as I enjoy blogging and the creative outlet, I’m first and foremost a wife and mother, and that’s my true job (and the one that brings me the most joy but also takes the most out of me)!

What am I getting at here? Well, one of the ways I thought would help my followers get to know me (if they’re not following me IRL on my other pages, and only follow my blog page) was a series of Friday stories. Using the hashtags #FridayFive and #AboutMe, I plan to share 5 things about me each Friday, and I’m going to include a blank template for followers to do the same. If you tag me in yours, I’ll be able to see them and we can all learn about one another!

One of the key aspects to building beneficial community is authenticity. How can people know I’m authentic if they don’t know anything about me? Sure, everyone’s blog has an “About Me” page, and so does mine, but how many of us read them? How many of us without “Swipe up” status on IG really take the time to visit a bio blurb or navigate to a link?

Join me on this journey and let’s learn about one another together. Use the template above (take a screen shot or hold down/right-click to save the image above) and use it as the template for your stories on Friday. Don’t forget to tag me!

Hope to “see” you there!