I saw an article today on Facebook that alleges our obsession with infant growth charts may be fueling childhood obesity.

This is an interesting point. I felt recently like I needed to feed my youngest more because she weighed at 18 months what my oldest weighed at 9 months! Both were exclusively breastfed by me, so why the difference?! Because they’re different babies on different curves with different needs: and both ate because (and when!) they were hungry!

We know breastfeeding is not just for nutrition, but also for comfort, pacification, warmth, thirst, bonding, and anything in between, and sometimes other feeding methods aren’t a fair comparison (yes you can bond with your baby while you bottle feed formula, I’m not saying you can’t, but comfort suckling a bottle is different than comfort nursing at the breast because there is always a guaranteed amount with a bottle, as even non-nutritive suckling takes in calories).

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What are your thoughts?

<3 Caitlin