This month I’m doing a collaborative series titled “Trading Lies for Truth” with some blogging mama friends. This series will feature one of us over 5 weeks, culminating in a giveaway with one thing from each of us (you can head over to our Instagram pages to learn more).

Mikenna @letsmomtogether
Mikenna @letsmomtogether

Mikenna is first to share how she’s traded some lies in her life for the truth found in Scripture, and I love how she beautifully describes God’s love for her using the illustration from the book of Hosea.

Follow along with Mikenna at @letsmomtogether and read her post on Trading Lies for the Truth:

Trading Lies for Truth (blog series @letsmomtogether, @thehybridhome, @humblemotherhood, @missionofmotherhood)

Leave a comment with a lie you’ve believed about yourself. How can we counter that with the truth?