Happy Fri-YAY, its Friday once again, friends! Last week I mentioned joining up with some other mom bloggers for our “Trading Lies for Truth” series, where we each feature one another over 5 consecutive weeks, culminating in an Instagram giveaway for one lucky follower with something from each of us.

Amanda @thehybridhome
Amanda @thehybridhome

This week we’re featuring Amanda from @thehybridhome. This blog is uniquely special because it’s run by two best friends living in two different states, raising 9 children between them, with different schooling styles: if that’s not the perfect example of a hybrid, I don’t know what is. And it’s doubly special because both at one point attended my church, which is how I met these lovely souls.

Amanda’s story is beautifully honest, and I hope you’ll go visit her blog so you can read along: https://www.thehybridhome.net/blog/. Don’t forget to follow each of our blogs on Instagram to be entered in the giveaway at the end of this series!

Trading Lies for Truth (blog series @letsmomtogether, @thehybridhome, @humblemotherhood, @missionofmotherhood)

How about you? Any lies you’ve been believing that God has redeemed with His truth? Comment and share, I’d love to know!